If you're into DIY around the home, nothing makes you feel as good as completing a project. That project could be landscaping work, exterior home repairs or replacing an old toilet in the guest bathroom. 

When you're done with your tools, walking into a disorganized garage space can be dis-heartening. While you're keeping up with your home's repairs and projects, you might not be dedicating enough time to organizing the space where you keep the vital tools. 

There are plenty of ways you can keep your tools neatly organized in the garage, and organized tools can make your home improvement projects an easier and smoother process. You don't have to stumble around in the garage wondering where you left the wrenches, or how the rake can always seems to be hidden from you. These tips should help you organize your garage, so you can easily find everything you need. 

Utilize Your Wall Space

Many people store things in the garage inside bins or toolboxes on the ground. They soon run out of space, so they'll stack one box or bin on top of the next. Instead of an organized garage, they have stacks of bins that don't offer a clue as to what's inside. 

Don't forget that you have walls to hang tools. The walls in your garage don't have to be a hindrance by cutting off your space. They can be used creatively to hang many items from brooms and rakes to shovels and plows. You can purchase hooks that are adjustable and sturdy for hanging a variety of tools. 

Hang Your Tools

For small, metal tools, you can attach a magnetic strip to the wall. This will keep the metal tools out of the way yet offer you easy access. You can hang car mechanic or landscaping tools from a magnetic strip. 

Garage cabinets are another way to organize your garage. They can be hung overhead to leave you plenty of floor space for necessary items. Baskets and shelving inside the cabinets can be used to organize more tools. 

Reminders, Notes and Labels

If you do many home improvement projects, you might need to have a white board to list the things you need to complete your project. You could need to write a note to yourself about the next parts of a repair. 

Many people don't spend much time in their garage, and when they need a tool for repairs, they might not remember where items are stored. Labels and notes on bins are a great way to organize the space. You won't spend twenty minutes searching for the adjustable pipe wrench for a plumbing repair. 

When your garage is organized, you're able to perform quick repairs and projects easily. You'll know exactly where your tools are when you need them. From hooks to garage cabinets, make sure you're getting the best solution to organize your tools.