Organizing your closet might seem like a challenge, but if you follow certain steps, then the process is easy. More importantly, after a closet is organized, you can find items without feeling stressed because the space is filled with an assortment of items that you no longer need. The first thing you need to do is take everything out of the closet to determine what to get rid of along with deciding where the remaining items will go. Before beginning a closet-cleaning process, make sure to have enough time to complete the job, and prepare by having supplies such as boxes and cleansers.

One: Reduce Closet Clutter

The closets in a home become catchalls for everything when it is time to straighten a room before guests arrive, but when it is time for organizing your closet, it essential to purge items. For bedroom closets that contain clothing, footwear and accessories, you should try on the items to get rid of the things that do not fit or that are in bad condition. You can give these items to charitable organizations or have a yard sale. If anything is in the wrong closet, then put it in a box to relocate it to the proper place.

Two: Cleaning a Closet

It is easy to avoid seeing the dirt inside a dark closet that is filled with clutter, but after removing everything, it is time to wash the walls, floor and ceiling. Don’t forget to scrub shelves and clothing rods to avoid getting dirt on garments. If the walls inside a closet have chipped or scratched paint, then repaint the surfaces in a neutral color. While the space is empty, consider replacing floor tile or carpet to make a walk-in closet easier to enter. When a closet has poor lighting, add light fixtures.

Three: Customize a Closet

Today, it is easy to customize a closet with a specialty closet cabinet company that creates your own personalized storage solution. You can choose to install closet organizing systems that remain in place, or you can select adjustable systems that are easy to change over the years. In addition to basic shelves and rods, there are specialized organizers such as belt, scarf or shoe holders in addition to customized jewelry boxes or storage containers for hats.

Four: Put Things Back into a Closet

After a closet is ready, you can begin to put items back into the space, but first, invest in high-quality hangers in the same color to make it look better. Choose regular hangers along with hangers that have clips to hold slacks, shorts or skirts. If you have a double-rod system, then hang shirts on the top rack and skirts, shorts and slacks on the bottom rack. Additional organizing your closet tips include separating clothes by functions such as work, dressy and leisure garments.