Laundry rooms are normally cramped, ugly spaces that are tucked into a corner of the home. It's a space that nobody wants to spend time, yet you're stuck there for hours each week making sure your family has clean clothes and towels. Laundry room organization should turn the area into a space where you can find everything you need to do laundry as well as being a beautiful space that won't make you depressed.

Designate Spaces
Whether your laundry is tucked into a tiny closet or in a large room of its own, you'll need to make sure you have everything you need in the space. Designate spaces for folding, dealing with stains, the detergents and hanging clothes. You can hide the unsightly cleaning products behind beautiful curtains or inside cabinets. For more organization, you can add cubbies to the space as well as canvas totes for sliding clutter out of the way.

Camouflage the Laundry Room
If you have the laundry room in the corner or closet of another room, you can easily camouflage the entire space with a folding door, lovely curtains or a folding matchstick shade. The camouflage will add a splash of color to the room too. Choose a door or curtain that will add visual interest to the room, not just because it will hide the laundry space.

Ironing Station
It's vital that you have a space to iron clothing. In years past, it was common to find the ironing board behind doors or hidden in pantries. The board can be folded away into a convenient space in the laundry room but easily accessible when you need it. Nearby, you can keep the spray bottles you need to make ironing a breeze.

Install a Hanging Bar
After ironing, hanging clothes on a dedicated bar will keep them from becoming wrinkled again. A bar in the laundry room will also make it easy to hang items directly out of the washer or dryer. Some delicate items shouldn't be placed in the dryer. They should be shaken out and hung to dry, which makes the hanging bar convenient right in the laundry room.

Make it Pleasant
This is a space you'll be in for hours each week as you wash, dry, fold and iron your family's clothes as well as your own. It should be a bright space that doesn't feel like it's a dreary dungeon. Even if the space is actually in the basement, you can do a lot to make it cheery. Make sure you're leaving windows unobstructed for the sunlight. Install extra lighting, use white or bright colors in the space to make it as light as possible.

When it comes to laundry room organization, you can turn even the smallest space into a functional place for your laundry needs. With designated areas like an ironing station and hanging bar, it'll be easy to spend time in there doing laundry for your loved ones.