Organizing your closet can revolutionize your morning routine. Having a place for everything and everything in its place can make getting dressed a dream. If you have never tried this organization process you should consider it, because it is a tried and true method to organize your closet. Here is how to proceed:

1) The Three Magic Piles:  Take everything out and make three piles. One is to keep, one is to donate or sell, and one is trash. Before you organize anything, you need to reduce it down to the items you will actually use. Having a closet full of stuff that you never wear is not beneficial. It is a waste of space and trying to organize items that need to go is a waste of time and effort.

2) Group things by category:  After you have gotten rid of the cruft, the things you have left need to be organized. Start by grouping them. Dresses should be grouped together. Pants should be grouped together. Tops should be grouped together. This will help you allocate space efficiently.

3) Measure and create a layout:  If you only have a few dresses, it is a waste of space for your entire closet to have one bar set at a height that could hang your dresses. Put all the dresses and other long items on one end. Give them enough space to hang comfortably without being crushed together. Then put all your tops together. You can add another bar below your tops for hanging slacks and skirts. This will nearly double your effective space.

4) Get specialty organizers if you need them:  If you have more than two pairs of shoes, you should allocate space for shoe storage that is designed to accommodate shoes properly. Or if you own a large number of neck ties, you should arrange specialty storage for them as well. If you have any specialty items in quantity, it will pay dividends to purchase organization solutions that are specially designed to store these items properly.

5) Organize by season and color:  Long sleeved blouses and sweaters should be grouped together. Lighter weight tops should also be grouped together. Then hang similarly colored items together. If you have multiple black tops, hang them together so that you can easily find them all at the same time. It can help to hang your black skirts and pants below your black and grey tops. This can dramatically simplify the process of putting together an outfit in the morning. The convenience is such a time saver.

6) Arrange by frequency of use:  The stuff you need to get at the most often should be placed where you can reach it the easiest. Things that do not get used often can be put towards the back of the closet where you rarely go, such as the one or two formal wear items you need once a year.

Having an organized closet system is one of the few pleasures in life you can enjoy every day. Soon, you won't know how you lived so long without it.