Organize Your Home’s Entryway
When you are a busy parent, organizing your home one room at a time is a great idea. If you feel overwhelmed about organizing, then begin with the entryway. In most homes, the entryway is where everyone enters a home, and children often drop their backpacks, coats and footwear at the doorway. This entranceway is typically seen from the living room, and it makes the space look chaotic. If your home’s entranceway has a coat closet, then make it more usable for your children by customizing it with shelving and garment rods that are at a lower level. Alternatively, you can add a freestanding coat closet that makes it easier to hang coats and store backpacks.

Spend the Day Organizing the Kitchen 
You probably use your kitchen several times a day, and this space requires a lot of cleaning to keep it sanitized. If a kitchen is cluttered, then it is more difficult to prepare meals and wash dishes. When the countertops in your kitchen are covered with small appliances, cookie jars or food canisters, it is time to organize it completely. Kitchen organization is a time-consuming process, so make sure to have a good chunk of the day to remove everything from the cabinets to get rid of the things that you no longer use. By purging old pans or throwing away boxes of expired food, your kitchen will immediately become more functional and usable. 

Help Children Organize Their Bedrooms and Closets
If your children take forever to get ready for school in the morning, then maybe they have a disorganized bedroom. Begin cleaning your child’s bedroom by emptying the closet to give away garments that no longer fit. At the same time, begin to get rid of toys and books that the child no longer wants to keep. Some children are willing to get rid of their old things when they can sell the items at a rummage sale and keep the cash. Add an extra clothing rod at a lower level in a child’s bedroom closet so that she can hang garments. In addition, sort through a child’s chest of drawers to fold garments and organize her possessions. Buy a toy box or bookshelves for a child so that she can keep her dolls and books off of the bedroom floor. 

Make a Bathroom Safer and More Organized For Your Family
The bathrooms in most homes are small, leading to a mess on the countertops, around the bathtub and in the medicine cabinet. In many cases, a linen closet is too small or it is outside of the bathroom in a hallway. Begin by removing everything from a medicine cabinet, and make sure to throw away expired medications. Buy a childproof container to store dangerous medications, and you should always store this container away from the bathroom. Continue your bathroom organizing by placing decorative plastic baskets on the countertops and next to the bathtub to hold bottles of shampoo, soap and conditioner.