Most mornings are spent looking for missing items or listening to kids yell questions about missing items. While you're trying to get dressed, your kids are most likely trying to find their shoes, sports equipment or seasonal items. Having a central, family hub or command center is vital for your peace of mind. While we've all seen those organized kitchen command centers, they don't always stay that neat and functional. With the command center located near the front door, you can store more than papers and chore lists.

Log Everything for a Week:  If you're stumped on what to include in your family's command center, start a log of the things that your kids yell for the most each morning as you're getting ready to leave the house. Those are the items that should be added to the command center. With the right organization, your family can store their sports equipment, school projects, extra phone chargers, book bags, umbrellas, library books and hats in the family hub. This is pretty focused on what works for you, so spend the week creating the log before starting your command center.

Centrally-Located:  The command center could be in the kitchen closet or pantry if your family enters and leaves from the kitchen door. If they enter and leave from the front door, the hall closet will work better. The closet should be close to the entrance and exit since it'll help you get the kids out the door quicker. Before heading out the door, you can slather sunscreen on them, grab an umbrella when it's raining and brush their hair. The command center should have everything you need so you're not running around the entire house trying to find things.

Purpose is Clear:  While you should have everything you need in one location, don't let it become the dumping ground for all the items your kids bring home from school. It'll end up as a cramped, cluttered closet, which is the exact opposite of what you want from this family hub.

The Right Shelving:  The shelving you choose should be functional for your family. You might choose to place a storage cabinet in there with drawers to hide the clutter, or you might like open shelving with labeled baskets to organize the stuff for your family.

The Organization Process:  Once the closet is planned and stocked, you'll want to ensure that it stays organized. If it becomes cluttered, make sure it's cleaned out occasionally. If a process doesn't work, don't be afraid to change it. This should make your life easier by giving you and your family a central place to find the items they need every day on the way out the door. It shouldn't become another place they leave their belongings then yell about not being able to find them.

The hall closet should be a great place to hang shelving and organize your family's life with a command center or family hub. Make sure it works by planning prior to setting up your closet and change anything that doesn't work for your family.