Whether you're moving in, moving out or just getting out of your own way, a quality closet organization plan can make every aspect of life easier. Below are a list of suggestions to make sure that your clothes have space.

Invest in Quality Single Hangers

Velvet finish hangers will hold your garments in place and keep things from sliding around and getting stretched out. If possible, look for hangers with nesting hooks on the front so you can hang one garment in front of and attached to the one above it. Nesting hangers offer a few great options:
1) You'll have more space on the bar.
2) You'll have groups of clothing; for example, short sleeved or sleeveless tops can all hang in one string.
3) You can easily build groups of garments or hang a single dress easily.

Get Some Suit Hangers

These tools allow you to hang an entire outfit (skirt or slacks, top and jacket or sweater) as one unit. If mornings are not your best time, consider setting up five outfits at some point on the weekend to make your clothing selection easier.

Use The Dead Ends

Most closets have a bit of hard-to-get-to space at the end where the slider or louver door ends. This is a great spot for your off-season garments. You can vary this further by using one end for off-season garments and the other end for things that no longer fit correctly or just don't appeal to you. If you don't dig them out over the course of two seasons, you can purge this end of the clothes bar.

Use Your Closets For Clothing

There's a fair bit of advice out there about using these spaces for bookshelves, keepsake storage or a crafting spot. For now, just use them for clothes. If you opt for a deep purge, you may have space for other items, but don't make it a goal while you're getting your clothes in order.


Shoes and boots on the floor are an invitation to a frustrating mess. Consider putting a shoe cubicle on the top shelf. This cubicle will accomplish several things:
1) The top shelf won't become the space where hats, purses and sweaters go to get dusty or crushed by the stuff you throw on top of them.
2) You can monitor the heels of your shoes easily and get them polished or dyed. Driving is very hard on dress shoes.
3) You can see the shoes you need to re-home. If you're only using the bottom rack of comfy flats, do you need the 3 inch stacked heels on the top shelf? Do you know someone else who would love them? Give them away joyfully.


Closet organization is personal and needs to work well for you. Invest in good hangers and give your clothes some space and a cozy spot to wait for their turn to be worn