When you clean all the clutter out of your life, you're able to focus on the things that matter. That's the basis of the concept of minimalism. We often have too many belongings.  Closet storage space is almost non-existent, people are often looking for a way to store more of their things instead of cleaning out what they don't use.   Below are some of the more noticeable benefits of minimalism:  

Money:  Instead of spending every last dollar on more things, you'll be able to put that extra money towards purchases that matter like a new car or a down payment on a home. You can save money for retirement when you are not buying tons of items too. If you're not buying another purse or a new tie that you don't need, you can put that money in the bank. 

Charity:  When you're not buying everything for yourself, you're able to give to others who need it more. Giving to charity will make you feel good about yourself and the choices you're making. Along with giving you a good feeling, giving to charity can give you tax deductions you need at the end of the year. Everyone benefits from charity donations.

Stress-Free:  Messy closets and cluttered rooms make people feel anxious. It can also cause chronic tardiness when you can't find what you are looking for in a messy house. A clean, minimalist lifestyle usually means less stress in your life. You'll be able to find your work clothes, your children's backpacks and other items without stressing first thing in the morning. 

Quality :  One more benefit to minimalism is the quality of your remaining belongings. If you're not purchasing cheap items, you don't have to worry about replacing them constantly. You can save for one quality item instead of replacing a dozen cheap ones. The result is a home full of quality belongings. 

Children :  If you have children, you're setting an example whether you know it or not. You can tell them that belongings and things don't matter, but a house full of clutter will tell them a different story. Show them that saving money and purchasing quality can make for an easier life.

The ultimate goal in your life should be happiness. Having less clutter, giving to charity and showing your children the right way to live are all ways that you can lead a happier life. When you don't constantly need things to fill up the void in your life, you can fill it with things that matter like love and relationships with family and friends.