Millenials tend to prefer walkable neighborhoods with good public transit. This preference practically dictates that residential spaces that appeal to this crowd will be smaller than a typical sprawling suburban house. So, perhaps it should be unsurprising that Millenial design trends place a high value on clean lined open design. This approach makes a small space feel less claustrophobic. It can make a small home feel as open and spacious as a larger home with a more closed up and detailed design approach.

To some people, it seems counterintuitive that small spaces and open plans also get paired with a strong emphasis on good quality, abundant closet storage space. But, if you think about it for a minute, it actually follows very logically from the other factors. Being able to efficiently put everything away both helps a small space function and helps preserve the clean design that makes small spaces comfortable.

In some circles, Millenial design trends get judged as contradictory. Their tendency to pair natural materials with high tech details seems to not quite make sense to people. But, it can be summed up as a high tech, high touch approach. This approach has a long tradition and examples of it can readily be seen in long standing cultures, such as Japanese culture.

In order to meet the needs of Millenials, closet storage space needs to be in the right place, and it needs to be customized to the specific needs of the household in question. A small bathroom is far more comfortable when there is nearby storage for towels, toilet paper, and other sundries. Putting a closet right next to the bathroom can be a great way to add value to the space.

One of the reasons that storage needs to be conveniently close to the point of use is efficiency. A small space can be a great space if the size helps put everything you need easily within reach. In part, this is a choice. It is a thing that happens at the design stage. To some degree, we can choose to arrange our homes to be efficient in this manner.

Customizing the storage can allow a great deal more to be stored in the same area. Closets that have two rows of hanging space for shirts with a smaller area for dresses can allow a great deal more clothing to fit into the same square footage. When looked at from another angle, this helps shrink the footprint needed to store the same amount of stuff. Thus, it helps Millennials have a richer life with less time, money and effort.

This translates to a higher quality of life per square foot. Designing for density in this way allows Millenials to get more of everything that would compete under traditional design approaches. Instead of choosing one or the other, they get to have both. Instead of choosing between two values, they seek a third option. It let's them say "Both" in response to being asked "Which one?"