Friluftsliv. What an interesting name. What does it mean? Derived from the Scandinavian language, this craze defines a decorating concept known as outdoor life. This philosophy embodies a decor style of Norwegian descent that brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home decor. Anything pertaining to outfitting decks, yards, patios, gazebos and other outdoor shelters can be replicated indoors with this unique concept. This way of life is common for outdoor lovers.

The Concept of Friluftsliv

This concept, though seemingly new, actually dates back many years to the 1850s when the respected playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen used this term to define the value of relaxing in isolated locations in order to promote physical and spiritual wellbeing. Traditional Scandinavians have adapted to Frilufsliv as a normal way of life in Scandinavia. Their culture leads an active lifestyle of biking to work, picnics every chance they get, and even cross-country skiing during lunch breaks! A brisk frost does not stop them either. A sincere love for the outdoors keeps this culture thriving for nature.

Achieving Frilufstliv Style

To learn about Frilufsliv is to love it. Incorporating this style into your home reaps mental health benefits and is easier than you would ever believe. A main element of welcoming Friluftsliv into your home is expanding your window sizes. While this can be a costly improvement, it is an enjoyable one that will continuously give back. For the cost-savvy approach,one can leave windows uncovered allowing natural light to constantly flow into the home and keep curtains pulled back revealing the outdoors in as many spaces of the home as possible. Some soft lighting on the trees in the yard can allow soothing night illuminations so that no matter what time of day it is, you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Outdoor Amenities

This lifestyle embraces every opportunity to enjoy the peaceful outdoors. Outdoor improvements to your yard such as a gazebo, fire-pit, and comfortable outdoor furniture can add an appeal that entices you to spend more time enjoying the fresh air as opposed to being cooped up in your living room. This is especially nice as fall sets in and the weather begins to cool. Adding a cover to your porch or a space heater can ensure that you are protected from the varying weather inclements and some good quality bug zappers will ensure that you can enjoy the outdoors of your home at your leisure and for as long as you wish. An enhanced shelter such as a pergola adorned with soft lighting provides shelter and beauty with a warm feel of being cozy and enclosed.

Creating Friluftsliv

Interestingly, there is one very important component conducive to a Friluftsliv atmosphere. That is none other than greenery! To ensure you are achieving an authentic Scandinavian Friluftsliv decor scheme, step one is to plant some greenery. Once the leaves start to fall, enhance the presence of your outdoor living space with florals such as ornamental cabbages, kales, and fall mums. These are easily placed in pots and adorn the front of your home. For a special touch of fall include various pumpkins and even squash for a welcoming touch.

Limited on Outdoor Space?

If you are limited on outdoor space, you can get creative with your in-home color scheme to promote Friluftsliv in your home. Some light evergreen options of paint colors added to your furniture, walls, and even cabinets inside your home bring the naturesque feel to your living space. Botanical prints and even dried flowers are also a great additiona to welcome nature into your home. Wool and fur as home accents brings a cozy feel to your living space overall fostering serenity and comfort.
Now you Know
Such a silly word with a powerful meaning. Incorporating Friluftsliv into your home decor will be a key to opening the door of peace and happiness throughout your home. What a better way to escape the bustle of everyday life than your own nature haven tucked inside your home. When you create your space fostering Frilufstliv's philosophy you are giving your self a priceless gift and a place for your family to connect that embodies all of nature's beauty. Whether you live on a plot of land that goes for miles or in a small apartment, components of Friluftsliv can be easily incorporated into your living space. Why not hop up on that porch swing you hung so long ago and begin to get inspired? Friluftliv awaits you.