As a society, we lead incredibly busy and hectic lives. We're constantly in motion with children's appointments, work obligations, personal obligations and beyond. If you've ever thought you need an assistant just to handle your appointments, there's probably an app for that. Check out these 6 apps that can make your life much easier by organizing and enriching your life.

This is such an easy way to send gift cards. It's perfect when you've struggled to find your loved one or friend the right present. Easily send gift cards from places like Target, Starbucks or Amazon. It's likely that your best friend or your mom will have need for a gift card to one of the hundreds of store options available with Gyft. You can download this app directly to your phone for shopping while on the go. That's especially convenient when you've forgotten holidays or birthdays.

My Fitness Pal
Losing weight, keeping track of your intake or maintaining weight loss, you'll find that My Fitness Pal has plenty of tools in one app to help. It has a huge database full of foods submitted by other users. You'll be able to keep track of nutrition with accurate information, set your goals and track your weight loss with one easy app.

This app is like having a personal, virtual assistant at your fingertips. It gives you a place to organize all your calendars between work and personal. You can add errands and alerts as well as share tasks and events with others, so you can remind your husband that you're due to spend dinner with your family on Thursday. He can't claim to have forgotten later when you can easily send these reminders.

We spend more time than ever on our phones, which means we need a place to store notes, appointments, reminders and even snap photos. It synchs between your phone and other devices to make sure you're keeping yourself on top of appointments and organize your life. It's like a to-do list on steroids.

You can use LastPass on a variety of devices like your desktop and your phone. It'll store all your passwords to the variety of programs you use. You don't have to remember dozens of passwords. LastPass is a great way to protect your accounts too. It automatically logs you in, so you won't have to worry about anyone stealing your passwords.

If you travel for work, you don't have to worry about keeping track of your mileage or receipts. With Shoeboxed, you can easily snap a photo of your receipts for tax time, submitting to the company for reimbursement or easily dividing a check between others in a restaurant.

These apps should help you with life organization as well as keeping you organized at work. You can use these apps in a way that fits your life perfectly. Adapt or change the apps in ways that benefits your needs.