The kitchen is one place in your home where space will never be enough. Holiday offers will always tempt you into buying more kitchen appliances which require more space. Since the size of your kitchen will not change, unless you expand it, you are likely to adopt new kitchen trends that help you maximize your kitchen storage area. There are ways to create new storage space in your kitchen through either a Do It Yourself (DIY) craft or with the help of kitchen designers. Some of these trends are affordable to install and require little to no maintenance cost.

1. Hidden wine bars.

The kitchen has become a place where you can keep guests entertained. You can transform your kitchen cabinets into a wine bar. The built-in wine bar can be accomplished by a designer or through a DIY craft by removing the shelf brackets and shelves of the cabinets and inserting a cube-shaped wine rack.

2. Freestanding pantry cabinets.

Freestanding pantry cabinets are cheaper compared to custom cabinets and provide you with extra counter space. The extra counter space can store small appliances or be used in preparing meals. You can also easily relocate these cabinets when need be.

3. Pull out cabinets.

You can install pullout cabinets between two appliances or between a counter and a range. These cabinets enable you to maximize space and also gives you easy access to items in your kitchen. The cabinets save you from bending every time you want to reach the back of kitchen cupboards. You may tend to forget items placed at the end of the cupboards because they are far from your reach. Pull out cabinets save you from buying things that you might have at the back of your cupboards without knowing.

4. Walk-in pantries.

Walk-in pantries are a must-have in modern-day kitchens. Walk-in pantries provide space to store foods, small appliances like blenders, and dishes. Once you buy new appliances for your kitchen, they make you consider tearing down the kitchen walls to expand your kitchen. Walk-in pantries save you from such trouble. You can turn a small space in the room adjacent to the kitchen, into a walk-in pantry.

5. Utilizing kitchen corners.

Corners tend to utilize a lot of wasted space that can be put to good use. You can have a custom corner cabinet installed within such corners. The corner cabinets can have Lazy Susans that enable you to keep your cabinet organized and make items easily accessible.

6. Slender pullout drawers.

Your kitchen’s design could leave certain gaps between appliances or between the counters and the range. The gaps could be too tiny for you to fit any appliance or shelves between them. However, slender pullout drawers are the perfect items to install in such gaps. Such drawers provide a great storage place for cutlery or kitchen towels. The drawers have the advantage of not exposing your cutlery or kitchen towels to dirt. You can install locks within the drawers to keep knives out of reach from children.