Children are asked to clean their rooms every day. Many times, they will throw everything in the closet and simply hide it. It looks clean, but when the closet is open, there is a disaster. Part of home organization is organized closet space.

Organizing closets

There are many ways to organize your child's closet so that everything has a space. Whether the closet is large or small, organization isn't as hard as you may think. There are specialist who will come in and install shelves and gadgets, but this can be costly. There is no need to spend a fortune organizing a closet your child will outgrow in a few years.

Stacking shelves and wooden boxes are a great way to organize. Each shelf can be labeled according to what it will hold. Stacking drawers work well for extra clothing or smaller toys. Over-the-door shoe organizers are great not only for shoes but can hold smaller items, as well. Hooks inserted into the corners and sides of the closet can be great for hanging hats, scarves and similar items.

Age appropriate organizing

When organizing your child's closet, you should consider age. For smaller children, an expandable shower curtain rod can be hung at a lower level so that they are able to hang jackets and clothing up themselves. Younger children love to help, and this keeps them from climbing and falling. Adding the stacking boxes and inserting different colored plastic containers can be fun for them. You can have them decide which color is for which toy.

For older children, hooks can be hung for a variety of items. Belts, necklaces and hats can hang neatly out of the way but are still within easy reach when needed. As your girl ages, she will probably start collecting her favorite shoes. Over the door shoe organizers work, or you can use the stacking shelves for those. A small dresser can also be slid into closets for extra storage that is neatly out of the way.

For boys, sporting equipment and such begins to add up as they grow. A large bucket tucked neatly in the corner of the closet can hold these items. Baseball caps can hang from hooks. Smaller items like Legos can be neatly stored in plastic containers that slide into the shelves.

Safety and added space

As mentioned before, safety with younger children can be a problem. Slide out closet doors can catch little fingers and pinch or bruise. Removing these and adding a curtain rod or expandable shower curtain rod and curtains can eliminate this. Space is also added by removing the doors. These can be stored in your garage or basement and easily attached again when your child is older.

Wooden boxes on wheels with a pull cord are great for small children, as well. They can hold toys and be pulled out for play time. When they are finished, the boxes are easily wheeled back into the closet.