Closets are instrumental for the homeowners who want to reduce clutter in their rooms. Surprisingly, the greatest source of clutter in most homes is the clean clothes. With so many solutions to this problem, ThreadStax stands out from the crowd. ThreadStax comes in compartments that resemble trays. If you fold your clothes and put them in these trays, you can stack them up within the drawer. Once you arrange these trays in the drawer, you can find them easily without the risk of developing some creases. Most homeowners love ThreadStax since it maximizes space, keeps everything neat, and saves time. 

Save time
ThreadStax makes it easy to streamline the process of folding, ironing, and selecting the clothes that you want to wear. Whatever clothes you want to store in your closet, ThreadStax comes in a variety of sizes that suit the jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and jackets. If you want your drawers to look neat or become easy to navigate, it is wise to invest in ThreadStax. One of the reasons why the trays have magnets is to keep them in place. The trays also have some vents that allow air to circulate within your closet freely. Optimum air circulation is crucial if you want o clothes to feel and smell fresh all the time. The trays have spacers that allow them to accommodate any types of clothes, whatever the size; these spacers also prevent the delicate items from being crushed by the heavy clothes.

Improve the air circulation
After spending several days folding and ironing your clothes, nothing can cause as much frustration as seeing them in a state of disarray. Unfortunately, it can happen easily whenever you start rummaging through a stack of clothes while choosing what to wear. While trying to pull some clothes from the shelf, it is quite easy to disarrange the entire wardrobe. The need for easy and reliable closet organization has prompted people to come up with innovative ways to eliminate the clutter. The air vents at the bottom of the trays allows the clothes to breathe and prevent the build-up of moisture within the wardrobe. With such innovation, the prospect of folding your clothes no longer needs to be as frustrating as it was before.

Improve the closet organization
Nothing can be as frustrating as seeing a chunk of clothes fall apart in the quest to pull out a t-shirt from the middle of the pile. Today, homeowners are turning to ThreadStax to improve their closet organization regimen. If you are a new mom, you can choose from an array of trays that come with several compartments to handle several items of various sizes such as watches and jewelry. Other trays do not have any compartments at all, meaning that they are suitable for the storage of clothes. ThreadStax helps to keep clothes off the ground by providing a reliable organization system that keeps the clothes neat and fresh at all times. Even if you are struggling with nursery organization, the trays will slide on top of each other easily because of the magnetic power.