The United States Home Organization Market refers to the products designed and sold to consumers in the United States for home organization. Current trends show that the market is on rise and are expected to increase by 3.4%. Research studies have placed the total market worth at approximately $10.5 billion yearly. Changes in demand have also been shown to be steadily rising at a modest level. It is hoped that sales will be propelled through consumer spending and the increasing number of households.

As of right now, garage organization products are expected to have the quickest growth rate. It is a regular practice for homeowners to now use a garage as a fully functional room. This process makes the requirement of home organization products increasingly necessary. Custom closet systems also have experienced increasing demand. Incorporating this type of product into your home organization design is highly recommended. Most new homes have closet systems built into their design and an increasing number of homeowners install them prior to selling their homes.

A variety of bins, baskets, and totes account for 36% of anticipated sales in 2019. These products make up a very large portion of home organization product demand. So, it is surprising that these are actually expected to have a slower growth rate. It is anticipated that modular units and shelving will show fast growth in the forecast period. People are always looking to incorporate these products into closet systems and garages. This, in turn, raises the demand. Vertical storage space is an increasingly sought out design. This increases the need for shelving systems in open layout home plans. These shelves are commonly used in garages, pantries, kitchens, family rooms, and bedrooms.

Higher value products can aid company gains through an increasing demand. Decorative products are a form of customizable home organization product that will likely have a growth in sales. This is because these products are commonly used in plain site. It is also recommended that interest is divested in products with particular uses. This is because the sale of a variety of products can prove to accelerate growth in home organization spending. The increased spending on the creation of these products will be supported by the rising consumer demand.

Consumers can be impacted by a variety of different lifestyle trends. These trends will impact how people use organizational products. The current shift in product demand will require companies to be more organized in order to maintain an adequate supply.

Even though current trends push toward the idea of decluttering, slightly limiting consumer demand, the demand for home organization products is still on the rise. Trends show that the home organization market should rise in value by 3.4%. These products include closet systems, vertical storage systems, and modular units. There is an increasing interest in high-end decorative products that mimic the look and feel of real wood. These products have unique compositions and are highly aesthetic. These unique organizational products are increasing in demand like many other home organization products.