With more and more professionals working at home, having a functional and comfortable home office is essential to your productivity, but having a separation of business and personal is essential to your sanity, too. Both of these concepts are attainable in just about any space, whether you're combining your office with other spaces in your home, or you've got a designated room.

Multifunctional furniture is going to be your best friend if your home office is in your bedroom or living room. One key component to separating work and home life is physically separating the spaces, such as using a bookshelf as a room divider, or curtains with ceiling-mounted hardware. These items will create a physical barrier, allowing you to immerse yourself in your work during business hours, and immerse yourself in Netflix during personal hours.

If you're going to be working from home long term, consider investing in a Murphy bed as a means to separate your spaces. Murphy beds mount to the wall and fold up and down as needed. This makes the room feel like a dedicated workspace when the bed is up, and a dedicated bedroom when the bed is down.

You can also utilize your spare closet as an office space. Simply add some wall-mounted shelving, a small lamp, and anything else you may need to work productively, then invest in a comfortable chair to sit at. This method allows you to literally close the closet door at the end of your work day, so you can leave work at work and focus on your personal life.

If your business utilizes video conferencing or chatting, be certain to take your back drop into consideration when designing your home office space. Neutral backgrounds including plants, shelves with tasteful decor, paintings, or other wall hangings are preferable because they offer a clean and professional look. If your office and bedroom are the same room, try to make sure you can't see the bed in your work back drop, as this comes across as unprofessional.

Organization is key when it comes to small office spaces - having your daily supplies on hand, available and accessible is crucial to your efficiency and the overall functionality of your home office. Purchasing drawer organizers, utilizing your vertical space with shelves, hanging folders, and tack boards, as well as occupying open spaces with rolling drawers or cabinets, are conducive to a productive work environment. Take advantage of the space on the back of your office door with a set of hooks from your local dollar store, and minimize clutter with baskets and shelves.

Consider the aesthetic and visual appeal of your office as well - is it a place where you like to spend time? If not, consider what you can do to add to the appeal. Change up the paint and decor until the vibe suits you.

There is a surplus of ways to make your home office more efficient and functional. Be creative and do whatever makes the most sense for your needs. Good luck!