Captivating designs are an inspiration to people. As a result, designers spend sleepless nights trying to come up with beautiful projects that will appeal to many people. Knikki Grantham is the Trends Manager at Belwith- Keeler, and she knows the essence of good designs in her line of work. Owing to her passion of design that transcends both the lines of architecture and fashion, the firm has since created state-of-the-art hardware that completely blends with the modern trends.

Sources Of Product Ideas:  To stay afloat in the production of top-notch closets and other hardware, Knikki Grantham admits that she must keep up with what’s trending on social media and fashion websites. She attributes her success to having obtained critical lessons from the best the hardware industry has to offer, not forgetting her love for her job. She states that she enjoys spending her free time to perfect her designs. Among her spare time activities involves social media browsing, reading magazines, and carrying out research, with the aim of enhancing her operations.

Job Description:  As trends manager, Grantham’s fundamental role is to pinpoint, analyze, and validate design trends and ultimately direct her team of designers towards product development. Despite the high-level of expertise involved in this line of work, the job is quite challenging. Designers are tasked with the responsibility of interpreting information into a design, which roughly commences two years earlier in order to meet the trending demands of the industry.

It is not an easy task to be the best in your work overtime. However, Grantham and her design team have achieved this already. She admits that she has been able to achieve this because of her team that is talented, skilled, and experienced in diverse areas of both the furniture and industrial design fields.

Design Inspiration:  Grantham does not shy-off from sharing her world-class closet design inspiration. Trendy closet designs start either from the fashion sector or the furniture market of a particular region. For her, fashion shows offer all she needs to come up with advanced designs. Moreover, the advancement in technology has dramatically simplified this process, and she can log on to the fashion shows and watch them live without having to travel far and wide. The theme or a specific element of a particular show may inspire what she designs next.

Knikki Grantham’s work is not a walk in the park. From experience, she explains that the process of coming up with a design that resonates with her target market is demanding and involving. Timing too is a vital element in her work, and she is required to launch her closets and other hardware when the trend is hitting. She strives to offer the exact products that her customers have in mind.

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