As time goes by we tend to amass many items throughout the rooms of our homes. Some of these items are functional in our everyday lives. Other items tend to cause us more stress than assistance. If you have any of the following items in your home, it's time to get rid of them to eliminate the stress they're causing you. 

Someday Clothes 

Whether you've gained some weight or just bought new clothes a size smaller to give yourself motivation, those someday clothes are stressing you out. It's time to part with these clothes that are tethering you to negativity and start living your current life. Weight loss goals are great, but putting overwhelming stress on yourself is not the way to get in those someday clothes.  Go through your closet and let these clothes go.  

Unopened Mail 

When you avoid opening mail it's usually because you don't want to deal with what's inside the envelope. Avoiding opening your mail allows your anxiety about it to build. Every single time you walk past that stack of unopened mail it subconsciously sends you a stress signal. Practice doing a little home organization and ensure that when the mail comes in your door it gets dealt with the same day. 

Health Foods You Hate 

While attempting feeding your healthy ego it's likely you've purchased some so-called 'healthy' foods that have ended up in your fridge or cupboard, still unopened. It's time to get rid of them, whether you donate unopened items or simply throw them out. By making room in your cupboards and fridge you can start filling it with healthy foods you actually enjoy eating. This will lead to better overall choices on a regular basis. 

Work Papers Next To Your Bed 

Leaving those unfinished work papers on the nightstand next to your bed is stressing you out more than you may realize. Seeing those papers before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up is constantly signaling to your brain that work needs to be done. You need to move those papers out of sight and give yourself a break from your work, especially before bed so that you can relax. 

Tools From Old Hobbies 

Whether you decide to give a new hobby a try or simply lost touch with an old hobby, it's time to get rid of the evidence. By looking at the remains of your old hobby, it will provide you with a feeling of unworthiness that you didn't stick with the hobby and, in some cases, that you weren't good at it. Give away those old hobby tools to a family member or Goodwill. 

Bedding Accents 

While those throw pills and extra blankets can make your bed look like it belongs in a home decor magazine, it's not practical. In fact, all those extra accents just take time to come on and off your bed each day. Do yourself a favor and ditch the extras so that you can get to sleep each night without the anxiety of having to remove the accents from your bed to only re-install them in the morning.