Parenting has never been easy for most of us. Some think that having many kids will disrupt their serenity, but Tessa Hop has some critical lessons on home organization. She is a mother of four kids; one girl and three boys. Tessa and her husband decided to build their dream home in their hometown.

Are you yearning for a beautiful home? Well, here are some ways you can keep your family house kid-friendly and orderly.

Focus on good storage when shopping for toy baskets in the kids' section

There is a misconception that kids' bins and toy baskets should have animal printouts and other kids' stuff. When you are looking for such items, it doesn't imply it should have some funny printouts. Instead, focus more on good storage. By doing so, you will have a more organized room with ample space to store your kids' items. Raising more than four kids in the same house can be tiresome, but a good strategy, especially when storing their items, is vital. Tessa hops love for woven baskets helped her keep her home quiet and organized.

Provide ample space around entryways

Because of their large family household, Menno and Tessa thought it was better to consider space around their doorways. They designed a suitable space that won't make them feel crowded when busting in and out of the door. Avoid stacking shoes around the door since it compromises with the entryway.

Work on the closets

Typically, most people use their closets to store their clothing, but that is not th case with Menno and Tessa's home. Their home has a provision for wall built-ins around every bedroom. The kids' room has closets that allow them to store other items such as books and toys hence contributing to the overall organization of their home. It is essential to ensure kids' items are kept out of sight using such wall cabinets.

Go for vintage as your organizational solution.

Vintage offers unique storage solutions. They are fantastic furniture items that add glamour to your home outlook as well as providing storage opportunities. Tessa attributes vintage items as one of his success strategies in keeping her home organized despite having four kids.

Have ample space for laundry baskets in the bathrooms.

Most architects design smaller bathrooms that compromise family space, especially those who have an enormous household. Hops decided to provide extra space in their bathroom, which can accommodate laundry bins. They chose to have roomy drawers around the sink area to help in storing toiletries. The floor is also spacious to accommodate the baskets and allowing their boys to bathe comfortably at the same time.