Save Your Wardrobe is an application that enables it's users to manage their clothes by creating a digital version of everything in their wardrobe. Users can prioritize and organize their things by creating a digital version of everything in the closet.

Users can create a digital version of their wardrobe by simply taking pictures of their clothes and information such as the names of the clothes, sizes, and descriptions. Users can also add tags to various items to easily see each item's location. This keeps the user from constantly looking for particular items throughout the house. Time-saving is almost instantly realized because users no longer have to spend hours searching for their items. Achieving a neat and organized wardrobe is just a matter of taking the proper steps with Save Your Wardrobe. With Save Your Wardrobe, users no longer have to spend hours sorting their clothes. Closets are simply the next step in humankind's technological advancements, so soon, traditional wardrobes will be obsolete.

Why Use Save Your Wardrobe

There are many reasons why Save Your Wardrobe is a useful, practical tool. Creating a digital version of your clothes will save you time because you only need to look in one location for your clothes. If you sort through all your clothes physically, this would require a lot of time, and energy and a chance that some items may have been misplaced or need to be the correct color. This is why with Save Your Wardrobe, users can store their clothing in one location and view an uncluttered representation of everything they own.

1. Outfits are Scanned, Identified, and Stored Virtually

Making work easier is the great aim that Save Your Wardrobe has. Being on a mobile phone, you don't have to worry about losing or misplacing your smartphone and can always access it, which makes saving clothes a total breeze. When scanning an item, users can identify whether an item is a shirt or trousers, so you know right away what you are getting. This saves time by not dropping everything in your closet and checking each item to ensure accuracy.

2. Connects People to Local Services

Services such as dry cleaners, tailors, and the like are beneficial and are used regularly. With Save Your Wardrobe, users can now connect to these services to ensure they get timely assistance. Saving time is just one of the benefits of using Save Your Wardrobe; with it, you will also be able to keep informed on all the latest fashion trends and know when your clothes will be cleaned.

3. Clothing Care and Repair Initiative

Partnering with retailer Zalando and investments from FarFetch, a luxury fashion website, Save Your Wardrobe aims to create clothing care and repair initiatives. Many times we neglect our clothes because they are old or worn out. Storing your clothes digitally in Save Your Wardrobe is a decentralized approach to the process. This means that users can make clothes available to those who clean and repair them to increase the resale value of their clothing.

Pre-loved closet items and the right brand can help you make the right choices. Save Your Wardrobe is the way to go. If you want an easy way to save all your clothes, then Save Your Wardrobe is what you need. It helps you keep everything tidy and saves time by presenting everything neat, organized, virtual, and physical. It is time we start making the most of our wardrobes by creating digital versions. So if you are looking for an app to help you create digital versions of your clothes, Save Your Wardrobe is worth its weight in gold. A digital version of every item in your wardrobe only requires scanning and a bit of tagging, so save yourself time and make life easier.

Ms. Hasna Kourda, the founder, has experience running a fashion technology company. She had been thinking of building a platform to help people track their clothes online to make them easily accessible. Her idea was that people would use the app- which is named " Save Your Wardrobe- to upload pictures of their clothes and add descriptions and also tags. The app allows you to rate materials, sizes, and price information for goods. To her, recycling and reusing clothes have a lot of benefits, and her idea was to try and shift people's mindsets from the throwaway fashion industry to something more sustainable. People could get better fashion knowledge and have more control over the materials they buy when shopping.