Home organization may seem to be a fad, but it has become an expectation. The simple fact is people want organized homes designed for not only luxurious comfort but also maximum storage and convenience. Needless to say, more homebuilders are looking to turn dead space into stylistic storage that fits the desires of countless Americans in the market for a house or a place they can turn into their dream home.

Mudroom Couture
A basic mudroom simply isn't enough anymore and especially not when the area sees so much traffic along with clutter. Needless to say, people have realized closet storage might be just what they need in the home organization efforts. And why not? A custom closet provides an ideal place to store coats, shoes, umbrellas and much more that otherwise becomes unsightly clutter. Done correctly, the closet hides the mess in the most stylish way possible.

Laundry Room Madness
The ideal laundry room is spacious, bright, airy and comes with sufficient storage space. Understandable considering the very nature of the area and the inherent mess that comes with it. Actually, one can understand why a custom closet is a common requirement when one realizes people are having second laundry rooms installed in larger homes for convenience sake. Not to mention, a closet provides homeowners with a place to store laundry until it's put away while keeping the room neat and pristine.

Corner the Closet
Corners are often seen as a kind of space people forever battle to blend into the room's decor. At least, they did until builders became wise and started converting the dead space into a homeowner's dream. Indeed, corners are becoming the ideal closet with plenty of closet storage space and the added benefit of hiding the mess behind a tactfully stylish door. In short, these corner custom closets aid home organization without eating up precious space.

Dead Space Conversion
The space under a stairwell is often used for a bookshelf or a breathtaking picture, but it seems such a waste. After all, the area is empty and prime for anything a homeowner can imagine, like a custom closet. Some may prefer built-in bookshelves, but the closet storage is not something one can overlook when home organization is their overall goal. Better yet, the customization possibilities of the under-the-stairs storage space is limited only by the homeowner or designers imagination.

Home organization is indeed a growing trend, but likely one that is here to stay. It's easy to understand why when homeowners gain the benefits of spacious, uncluttered rooms and comfort unbound. As such, there is no question as to why custom closets are becoming so popular when closet storage is so prized. The truth is a custom closet can turn a mudroom into a pristine marvel or put the wasted space beneath the stairs to good use. In the end, a custom closet may be just what homeowners need to turn their house into their dream.