According to Houzz, design trends are taking a whole new direction. The trends are geared towards having more activity spaces in the home. Today, many homeowners are seeking ways of bringing the outdoors in without interfering with the interior spaces. They have a desire for luxury when it comes to selecting materials and colors. The level of artistry has been elevated a notch higher, and individuals hardly shy away from creativity.

Dedication to activity spaces
The COVID-19 pandemic has reevaluated the mindset of most homeowners to a great extent. Individuals have had to spend a lot of time in their homes due to the stay-at-home order. As a result, they have been pushed to be creative in thinking and doing things. They have had to develop avenues to create activity and entertainment spaces.

Some home designs occupying the emerging search trend space include wine cellars, home bars, art studios, home offices, and home gyms. People had to come up with solutions to their social and work life.

Refreshing the living room space
The living room plays an integral role as an essential gathering space in any home. Over the past year, families and friends have spent a significant amount of time in the living room space. Searches for living rooms have gone up more than 50%, showing that people seek alternatives to refresh the space.

There are several interesting ways of spicing up your living room area. Home accents and accent pillows are among the simplest ways of enhancing your living room. Other cost-effective ways of bringing the oomph to your living room space include abstract paintings, slip or chair covers, and display shelves.

Most homeowners are seeking more flexible patterns. It has increased searches for TV armoires with pocket doors, nesting side tables, and queen Murphy beds.

Bringing the outdoors in
According to the 2021 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report, one in every five homeowners brings the outdoors in. They are spacing their kitchens to the outdoors, incorporating nature and greenery in their homes. More searches are geared towards indoor pots and planters and artificial trees and plants. There has been an upsurge in searches for green kitchen cabinets, resulting in the outdoors' feel in the home.

Luxury colors and materials
Individuals want to enjoy a little luxury from time to time. When it comes to increasing your home's curb appeal, luxury colors and materials do the trick. You can increase your house's value by incorporating suitable materials. Many people are opting for gold, velvet, and crystal.

More attention to pool designs
Homeowners are making a splash with various pool designs. Searches for pool houses and swimming pools have more than doubled. Homeowners are more interested in the trending pool shapes, styles, and patterns. They want something out of the ordinary and are ready to go for unique designs meeting their demands.

Final thoughts
When remodeling or decorating your home, ensure to use qualified professionals that have what it takes to do a good job. Take your time to vet and question them, to settle for the best trends beyond expectation.