The Old is New Again
In the Edwardian days, no estate home was without a room sized closet. In fact, these were referred to as "dressing rooms." The formal dressing room was usually half the size of a master bedroom. It was outfitted with a bed, full length mirror and several armoires to store apparel, shoes, ties and ladies scarves, belts and possibly a large chifferobe with drawers and shelves on one side and a place for hanging additional clothing on the opposite side. This room also provided a comfortable chair and a chaise lounge for relaxing. These older style custom closets create new ideas for custom closet designs for today with a slight nod to modern conveniences.

Custom Closet Design
Practically any spare room can be turned into convenient custom closets. Many empty nesters find they have an opportunity to become creative with a spare room. Custom closets are a welcome addition for any family once the main purpose for remodeling a spare room into a custom closet is decided. For example, the custom closet may serve all occupants of the home to store clothing. It may also be a dedicated closet for one or two users' needs. The basic idea is to turn a spare room into a functionally convenient storage area.

A Closet System for Greater Organization of Apparel
Nothing is more annoying than a closet full of clothes that become wrinkled because of shortage of space. A closet system is designed for ready access to clothing, shoes, purses, hats and other accessories. When you design your custom closets, get creative. For example, salvage an antique dresser or bureau and add it as part of your closet system design. Stack an inexpensive set of book shelves atop the dresser.

By the way, inexpensive, sturdy book shelves also make wonderful places to store shoes, purses and hats. Closet systems can also be purchased ready made. The design of your closet system depends on the size of the room, the style of the decor and amount of storage needed. For ten foot by ten foot rooms or smaller, choose custom closet systems that are ready made. Most of these are anchored to walls.

If you plan to use a custom closet as a dressing room, consider adding a free standing full length mirror if the room is large enough. This gives the spare-room-turned- custom closet system added use. There is nothing quite as luxurious as a home with a fully outfitted dressing room with plenty of storage space.

Accessorize Your Closets
Another addition to a custom closet is a small table and stylish rug or carpet. Try to accessorize the room with track lighting or an attractive chandelier, a stylish clothes hamper with a pillow top and daybed with a colorful coverlet and toss pillows.

The design of your custom closet should provide accessibility, functionality and better management of clothing storage. Consider your usual dressing routine when creating closet systems. Set aside an area for storage of clothes to be laundered or dry cleaned for full functionality.