Storage is an issue that many people will confront over the course of their lifetime. People need to store items as the household items continue to grow. We offer home storage solutions for many different needs, but sometimes the space just doesn't allow for any additional storage options.  It's no surprise that storing items in larger cities can be difficult. It's also no surprise that in places such as San Francisco, storage can be a premium.

Expanding Markets 

This is an issue that one company knows well. Clutter is one of the nation's rising stars. They offer self-storage solutions that enable people to store important items they really need. Clutter has raised millions in funding. This has enabled them to expand in many new markets. Their latest venture is in the city of San Francisco. San Francisco is a beauty and highly popular place. Storage and housing here are a premium due to high demand. Officials at the company know that many residents need their products. 

One Click Storage 

Clutter is headquartered in Los Angeles. However, officials here know that residents of other cities can also benefit from their services. They offer a special "one-click" access to their services that many have compared to valet parking. The service means there's no need to spend hours trying to hire people. Instead, all the user has to do is work with them and watch as all off of their storage needs are taken care of quickly and easily. There's a free pick-up service that lets users have all their items picked up at any location they choose. The company also includes an hour of packing time that allows the user access to professionals who can pack their items safely and effectively. The user does not need to figure out where each item should be placed in the space to allow them to get full use from it. 

Other Storage Services 

Company officials at Clutter also offer many other kinds of services. Users can opt for services that allow them to have seasonal items brought to their home as needed at the right time of year. They can also request additional packing materials as necessary in order to make sure all the items they own are stored well. Their aim is make sure that storage is simple and unhurried. They know that busy professionals may not have the time to store the items they need especially in the event of a move. This is also why they have chosen to move into new markets such as San Francisco. In such densely populated cities, it isn't always easy to find storage that people need. Their goal is take the self out of the idea of self-storage and allow their clients to avoid the work, worry and hassle that can come from working with a self-storage facility. Instead, they do the work for the client. The client can count on their services to make sure they have the storage they need when they need it. Life organization is thus made much easier.