Gone is the day that a closet is merely a place to put your stuff. People used to think of their closet as sheerly utilitarian in nature and perhaps the most unappreciated room in the house. The reality is, closets were not meant to be just about storage space.

Think about all of the different types of consumer goods that fit perfectly in a closet. Depending on what room it's in, your closet is a safe haven for clothing, shoes, bedding, toys, cleaning supplies, and much more. The other rooms are de-cluttered, and they're designed to show off your personal style and good taste. Showcase your inner self be it with your handbags or eclectic jewelry, and see for yourself what a difference an elaborate closet can make in your home decor.

Consumers are trending towards a desire to decorate their closets as they would their other rooms. Sometimes, it's ideal in a private place you enjoy on your own. However, when you're feeling like showing off a bit, imagine the compliments you'll get about your amazing elaborate closet when friends and family come over.

Dressing up your closets is easy on your budget because you don’t need to have a full makeover to achieve the results you want. Interior designer Jewel Marlowe, located in Washington, DC, adds some pizzazz to her closet walls and shelves by papering and creatively painting over them. Her suggestion is to use paper with colorful patterns to start. She next splashes shades of paint that accent the color scheme in the room. Ms. Marlowe adds that this elaborate closet solution is not costly, and “it’s a fun surprise” whenever you open the closet door.

NY-based architect Michael K. Chen is an expert at working with limited spaces in typically small urban dwellings. Chen believes that life during the pandemic gave way to the need for using the space you have for flexible uses. A closet can handily take on the task of providing many of these functions including simply carving out more space for your solo time.

Closet experts suggest that there 16 or more great surface options for elaborate closets. For example, California Closets offers a selection of finishes that can literally transform the look of any closet. In addition to the traditional laminated boards, it's fun to create a designer look all your own.

It's easy to get started creating your own custom designed closet. Explore a great choice of surface materials like wood grain, paper, linen, paint, and many more, and let your imagination take it from there!