A new way of living will be unveiled in January of 2017 at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show or KBIS. The Virginia Tech Center for Design Research will be showing off a new concept of home building that involves cartridges or modules that are easy to plug in and use immediately. This model is adaptable and easy to maneuver to meet the needs of the buyer. 

Closets of the future work with you

Closet storage is no longer a problem in this customizable bedroom design. Your clothes are brought to you instead of you searching through the drawers in a physical fashion. You simply swipe them across the glass screen that is one wall of the bedroom in your virtual closet and select the option you want. The smart closet brings the items to you and takes the dirty clothes away to the clothes hamper on the way out if that is what you want. The system is tailored with RFID's to fit your needs before being built. 

Versatile and advanced office space

If a magnificent office that can keep up with you is your dream for a home, then the smart bedroom is exactly what you need. With a glass partition that serves as a whiteboard and a conferencing screen, you fit a ton of function in one slender wall unit. The homes are wired in the factory and ready to install and use on-site. Wall-mounted cameras make the entire office space possible. 

Comfort and ease

The outer wall is designed to monitor the sunlight and adjust shading to keep the room temperature at a constant level. Improved sleeping quality is no problem with extremely insulated walls that improve energy savings while being healthy for the environment. The modular construction means you can adapt the space to fit your flow, workspace, and closet room for a customized bedroom that is good for the Earth. 

Adaptation is the future

Many design experts like those at Virginia Tech feel that new home building is following these trends. Smart homes are the hope for cities like New York where space is a precious commodity. Multi-functioning furniture is just the beginning because modular homes with walls that function as whiteboards and move in and out of the way when you need them to is just the start of the progress in design engineering.

Animated dressers keep your closets clean and organized so that you never have to worry about wrinkles when getting dressed. You can hold that emergency conference from home because your youngest child is running a fever and you cannot go to the office. Forget about master bedrooms with hot and cold spots because the energy-efficient smart bedroom has you covered with high-quality insulation and smart temperature monitoring systems. Make one space larger or smaller to accommodate growing closet storage or more office space. Switch back the design at the end of the work day. Whatever you need the bedroom to become, you can easily adapt your surroundings to fit your current wishes.