When most homes are built, the builders are trying to save money, and creating high-quality closet storage systems are their last priority. However, you can make changes to your home’s closets to make it easier to store your garments so that the items are simple to find.  Here are 6 strategies for keeping your closet items organized and your items in great shape.

1: Use Multiple Garment Hanging Rods

Instead of having only one garment hanging rod in your closet, place several sturdy rods at different heights. With this method, you will increase your closet hanging storage space while making it more organized. Hang blouses or T-shirts on a higher rod, and place skirts or shorts on a lower rod. 

2: Buy the Same Types of Hangers

Rather than using an assortment of plastic and wire hangers, invest in the same types of hangers for basic garments such as shirts and slacks. To make it easier to hang skirts, buy hangers that have clips that hold the garments in place. If you have an extremely heavy garment, then use an extra-heavy hanger to keep the item from breaking.

3: Hang Garments In a Particular Way

Hang your garments in a particular way to make it easier to find a certain item. Experts recommend hanging your garments beginning with light colors at the left and continuing to hang garments toward the right. By the time you have reached the end of a rod, you will be hanging clothing that is made from black fabrics. 

4: Understanding Proper Sweater Organization

If you want to keep your sweaters looking perfect, then don’t store the garments on regular hangers. Sweaters will stretch while on a hanger, leading to hideous hanger bumps on the shoulders along with longer sleeves. Have built-in drawers or cubbies in your closet so that you can fold sweaters carefully to keep the garments looking gorgeous. When you must use hangers for sweaters, buy the types that have shoulder molds. 

5: Keep Handbags In the Best Condition

To keep your expensive handbags in the best condition, you should store the items on a shelf in a closet. If you have handbags for special occasions, then place the items in drawers in a vertical fashion to keep its material from becoming damaged. Place a drawer insert or piece of cardboard between each handbag. 

6: Install Specialized Shoe Storage 

When you are organizing your shoes, place each pair on its soles in a heel to toe fashion to save space. To make it easier to find shoes, install slanted shelves with rails in your bedroom closet to keep the footwear from sliding off the surfaces. 

An Organized Closet Will Reduce Your Stress 

When your bedroom closet is a horrible mess, it can make it stressful to find the garments needed for work, school or special events. If you have an unorganized closet that is stuffed randomly with clothing, then it can also ruin expensive garments such as a business suit or party dress, so organize your closet today.