There are powerful emotions behind the things that you own. You purchase a pair of jeans because it makes you feel good even though you have 17 other pairs of jeans. 

Old college sweatshirts, comfortable jeans or sneakers all have emotional connections to memories for us. A closet can be the magnifying glass on the internal parts of ourselves. During times of chaos, the clutter in the closet can get out of control, or you might go on a cleaning spree because it makes you feel better to clear out the space. 

Major Events
You might be the person who has to clean and organize after major traumatic events in your life. Keeping the closet and the rest of the home clean and organized makes you feel like you're bringing order to a chaotic time in your life.

For those who aren't wired to clean and organize after a major event, bringing in items and surrounding yourself with clutter can be a way to distract yourself from external issues. It's the reason that hoarders start bringing in things they don't need that feel important to them. Clutter helps to hide inner turmoil. 

Closet Oasis
A clean closet has become a way for people to relax and unwind too. They are creating a closet oasis that performs multiple functions from a changing area to a place they can watch television away from the rest of the family. 

Organization and Cleaning the Closet

Cleaning the Closet
It can be overwhelming to peer into the closet and see tangled masses of clothes and hangers. It's best to tackle one part of the closet at a time. Instead of grabbing an armful of clothing and ripping it from the closet, start with one shelf and see how much you can get done in an hour. Once you get started, it'll be easier to continue. 

Sort and Purge
When tackling the closet, it helps to be in the right mindset. Think about all the great things you can add to the closet once you get rid of old clutter that's holding you back mentally. Donate items to those in need. It'll help you feel like you're giving your favorite items new life with someone else. 

Before you can create your oasis, you'll have to consider the closet organization. Closet storage solutions need to allow you to create pockets of calm inside your closet. While it's advisable to start small, you might not be able to envision the closet storage without clearing the space and starting with a blank canvas. 

Once you've cleared the space, considered your organizational needs and sketched out a plan, you can start creating your closet oasis of calm. It can be any type of space you want depending on the square footage you have in your closet.