With warmer breezes blowing, you'll be inspired to open your windows, air out your home and begin your spring cleaning. It's great to get in there and really start cleaning the home after a long winter. However, that's only the first step to creating a lovely, uncluttered home the rest of the year. It's important that your spring cleaning also includes setting yourself up for continued success in keeping your home clean and organized by taking the following steps.

Managing Your Items

Once you've cleaned your home, you need to find a way to manage your things in the future. Cleaning your home once a year isn't the greatest way to gain the most enjoyment out of your space. You need to be realistic about how you manage the items that come into the home. Be realistic about what you'll use and what will be hard to manage. A front entry with adorable boxes tied in ribbons might be magazine-worthy. If the idea of untying the box each time you need to use it makes you cringe, it's not something that will fit with your lifestyle.

Editing What's in the Home

If you were dusting and moved an entire shelf of knick-knacks, you might need to edit that shelf entirely. Remove items and consider whether they're enhancing your life or your space. If you can live without them, it's time to let them go from your home. Clutter can creep in unexpectedly. You have to be ruthless about what you keep in the home. Edit the items you have and toss them when they aren't providing you with a sense of enjoyment.

Storage Solutions

One of the most cluttered spaces in the home is the closet. It's often where we toss items that don't seem to have a dedicated home. When it comes to home organization, make sure you're tackling every space in the house including the closets. If the current system doesn't work for you, consider custom closets to give you exactly the layout that you need. Closet systems can be the perfect solution to a disorganized home. Items that are normally tossed everywhere can be placed in designated spots. It'll help you enjoy the home more too.

Declutter and Sell

When it comes down to cleaning the home and managing items in the future, you most likely will need to purge yourself of items that are no longer bringing you value or worth. Old, comfortable sweaters with holes in them can be tossed. Shoes, bags, art and accessories that you don't want or need anymore can be turned into cash. That cash could buy you better items or organization solutions for the home.

While you might feel virtuous after spring cleaning the home, make sure you're setting yourself up for a clean summer, fall and winter too. You should consider your current organization options, declutter the space and sell items you don't absolutely love or need. After doing that, you'll be able to keep the home beautiful and organized throughout the entire year.