For many homeowners, a spare room is just a place to store an extra bed as well as the decorations and furniture that don't quite fit with the home's decor. At best, it gets used as an easy-access storage space or a place for friends or family members to visit when they stay over. Unfortunately, this is a true waste of the untapped potential that the spare room offers to the home!

Personal Study or Office

Everyone needs a place where they can sit back, relax and focus without the constant distractions posed by pets, kids and general activity. Turning a spare room into a home office or reading room is a great way to utilize the space productively. You can setup desktop computers, printers or other equipment and design the space for efficiency.

Real Closet Space

You probably already have a closet in your bedroom, but that is nothing compared to the potential of a room-sized walk-in closet. Transforming your spare room into storage space for clothing gives you the chance to create a full closet system, allowing you the space to store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories in a sensible fashion. With a closet like this, you won't need to worry about digging around under the bed and ripping open containers to find the jacket you want.

Personal Fitness Center

Why wake up early and go all the way to the gym when you can work out at home? Creating a personal fitness center doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Turning the spare room into your personal fitness center can make the idea of daily exercise much more accessible, so you can fit it into your schedule whenever you want.

Hobby Room

It's hard to maintain a hobby when you have no place to practice it. Dedicating a room in your home to your favorite interest or activity can give you the creative space you need to really explore yourself. Whether you like to paint model airplanes, create wacky electronic devices or practice your piano skills, a properly stocked hobby room can really change the way you play.

Quiet Space

A quiet room can be a great addition to the home for those who enjoy practicing meditation, yoga or other focus-oriented activities. You can add floor mats, incense holders or just about anything else you want to truly sculpt the space into one that encourages therapy and relaxation.

Those who are willing to do a little experimenting can find all kinds of ways use their spare room and make it an important part of their life. While the opportunities are as endless as your imagination, you should consider taking advantage of these practical ideas for changing the way you live in your home.