Many people struggle to keep their bedrooms serene, away from the chaos of the rest of the house. Even professional organizers understand the challenge of making your bedroom the personal haven it should be. They admit to having a blind spot or two when it comes to the boudoir.

The bedroom remains a challenge even for those with decades of experience in streamlined order and organization skills. You need to know how to declutter your bedroom from the closet to the drawers. Let’s delve into the key things to check out to ensure your bedroom remains organized and restful.

1. Messy Closet
The closet makes it easier to clutter because you can close the door and hide the mess. As a result, many people find themselves dealing with piles and mountains of clothes that are disarranged. You may hide your mess in the closet, but it’s not a solution. Your bedrooms should be well-curated, to enjoy the Zen energy the room deserves.

You need to look for ways of getting rid of the mountain of clothes by ensuring they are well-sorted and you can access them easily. The best way to tackle this is by looking for clothing bins and baskets for things like swatches, scarves, and corral shoes. Look for storage for small items that are usually muddled, making the room look untidy and disorderly.

2. Unpacked Luggage
Packing for a vacay is always fun and exciting. Unpacking, on the other hand, is one chore that many people avoid. It is a difficult chore for many since the excitement and eagerness for your trip are long gone. Even organized professionals find themselves procrastinating when it comes to unpacking their luggage.

One is usually tired after their trip, and it is the main reason why packing becomes a hard nut to crack. The solution is to slide your luggage in your clean and spaced-out closet until you get enough time to unpack. You can also unpack some of your luggage and handle the rest another day, and since you have to unpack at some point, the sooner you handle the challenge, the better.

3. Piles of Clothes on Chairs
Most of us can confess to having a pile of clothes on the chair to access them easily. According to organization experts, clothing piles are among the top common sins of bedroom clutter. Most people usually wear clothing like jeans and sweaters more than once. As a result, they occasionally heap them on chairs for easy access.

As much as donning items several times may be environmentally friendly, the moment you can’t see the accent chair in your boudoir, you need an immediate fix. You need to look for alternative storage for your “wear later” clothing. You can use a row of hooks behind the bedroom door to neatly place such clothing instead of piling them on your accent chair.

4. Stacks of Books
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to look for alternative ways of spending their time at home. It made reading become an all-time high, with books wandering from the living room to the bedroom. In the end, many have had to deal with teetering stacks of books and magazines next to their beds or on the dresser.

Stacks of books that are not well-organized are never an attractive sight in your bedroom. Built-in storage alternatives are the best solution to the stacks of books. You must be willing to dip into your pockets to get an excellent frame that can fit all your reading materials. A cheaper alternative is to donate the books you do not need and stash the rest neatly in a storage bench or an ottoman.

5. Messy Bedside Table
When going to bed, we usually want everything we need to be at arm’s reach. As a result, the bedside table ends up cluttered and disorganized. It is not the best sight to look at as the last thing when going to sleep. You need to look for alternative storage to avoid your bedside table being a catchall for work files, magazines, coffee mugs, and water bottles.

A side table with drawers is one way to solve this puzzle. The problem only comes in when you use it to migrate your clutter to a hidden spot. You should ensure that the drawer is well-organized with only the things that need to be inside it. Another alternative is to have a small tray or basket that can fit the essentials you need before sleeping.