Even if your house is the cleanest on the block and even your dogs know to put their toys away when they're done with playtime, keeping a tidy, organized closet always seem to be just out of reach. Here are a few closet organization tips to help you maximize your storage space and rid your bedroom or hall closet of unnecessary clutter.

1. Discard any superfluous items
Closets are supposed to be for garment, shoe and accessory storage, but they often end up being depositories for all of the stuff that we don't need right now, but might need or wear later. The fact is, many of the items that you think you'll wear later could be dismissed by a quick rundown of your closet. Doing this task with a friend will improve your efficiency even more, particularly if it's a friend whose fashion sense you trust. Removing damaged clothes, clothes that are a few sizes too big or too small, or baubles that are no longer in fashion can have a major impact on the storage capacity of your closet.

2. Use hooks, hangers, and shelves
Many overwhelmed closet owners simply aren't using the space they are afforded efficiently. Rather than littering the ground with scarves and unwanted boots, hang a few hooks on the walls of your closet and organize your shelf space so that every item has a home. Knowing where an item goes, rather than just estimating every time you put it back, has a tremendous impact on your psychology and the cleanliness of your closet.

3. Racks and boxes for stowing 
Not everything in your closet has to be on display. Having a wall designed for boxes or racks is a good way to clear space on the floor of your closet while allowing the vertical space in your closet to flourish. Rather than storing all around, you can simply store up -- this strategy has worked for the biggest cities in the world, why shouldn't it work for you? If you're unsure of how to manage your space, finding a company that does custom closet storage in Naples Florida is as easy as picking up a phone and calling a local specialist like PLC Closets.

4. Don't over stuff your closet
Bureaus and dressers exist for a reason -- not all clothes have to be hung up, and not all jewelry has to be displayed. Folding and stacking shirts, sweaters and pants and storing them elsewhere in the room can save you a lot of space, not to mention effort squeezing everything in. If you have too many shoes in your closet, consider moving them to an alternate storage space in the attic, basement or another room.

These closet organization tips can only take you so far -- sometimes it's better to involve a professional in your organization process. PLC Closets specializes in custom closets in Naples Florida, and they're only a phone call away.