Closets can be messy things. Open that door and view the sloppy arrangement of clothes and shelves overwhelmed with the weight of accessories. There's clothes we've never tried on, let alone left the house in.

Many of us are in desperate need of a closet storage solution, something that will keep our closets organized and easy to use. 

Here are a few tips from the professionals to put yourself on the road to decluttered and fresh storage spaces.

  1. To start your closet system, take everything out. Now, if you're so inclined, give the closet a fresh coat of paint, new shelves, hanging hooks. This will not only make the space sparkle, it will inspire you to keep it looking fresh.
  2. Put back only what you're wearing and store or get rid of what you're not. This is going to be hard. You may not have worn those purple glow pumps since Studio 54, but you never know, right? You need to knuckle down and get rid of stuff. Moving clutter to new places does not get rid of clutter.
  3. With only what you currently need in the closet, from this point forward, make sure contents are always seasonal. Rotate clothes and accessories out at the beginning of coming seasons. No stuffing cold weather coats with shorts and khakis. That's the beginning of tarnishing your closet system.
  4. Organizing clothes in groups is key. Keep skirts with skirts, pants with pants (broken down by jeans, slacks, etc.) and coats with coats. Get hangers that hold multiple pieces to give you more space.
  5. If there are clothes, accessories and shoes you wear on a regular basis, keep them close. Jeans, sweaters, sneakers and other favorites can be stored on the right or left side of the closet, ready to go the second you reach in.
  6. If your closets have drawers, lucky you. Use them to store accessories, tees and underwear. Put in liners and dividers to neatly customize the drawers and contents.
  7. Take care to fold sweaters and knits to maintain their integrity. Get rid of all your wire hangers and get sturdy plastic and wood (especially for those heavy leather and winter coats). Loosely stuff purses with tissue and stand them upright. Use shoe trees and keep shoes in their original boxes or clear containers.
  8. Poor lighting and closets go hand in hand. There are a number of lighting options to easily brighten those spaces. Making it easier to find things also helps manage your closet system.
  9. If you want to maximize that organized look, use hooks, bins and other convenient storage items. You can even put socks in a bin. Use baskets and hooks for ties, scarves and jewelry.
  10. This is going to be a tuffy, but if you add something to the closet, remove something. It's the only sure way to keep your spaces tidy and current.
  11. With the coming of the new season, time to upgrade the closet system. Clean out and reorganize.