Sustainability is becoming more and more important in today's society. This goes beyond the effects of global warming as it also deals with money. Sustainable building options can save a person hundreds of dollars. The following are 10 of the most exciting sustainable items available for building or remodeling.

1. Rainwater Tank

The rainwater harvesting tank has the ability to capture gallons of rainwater. This can be used to water a home's vegetation, or a filter can be installed so that it can be used at home.

2. Power Wall

The Tesla power wall can store solar energy and power up an entire two-bedroom home. Of course, more walls can provide power for a larger home. This is expected to be the norm in most homes.

3. Food Recycler

The Zera food recycler is a great product for those who want to recycle as much as possible. It can turn leftover meat, vegetables, and fruit scraps into fertilizer in just 24 hours.

4. Shower Head

Those who want a mist-like shower will love the Nebia shower head, which atomizes droplets of water. This creates a 360 shower experience using 70 percent less water. It should be noted that this idea started as a Kickstarter campaign.

5. Solar Panels

Perhaps one of the most known forms of green-friendly and sustainable technologies are the solar panels. This technology is becoming more common. It should be noted that their efficiency is also increasing.

6. Paper Surface

This might sound a little unorthodox, but a company called PaperStone creates surfaces like kitchen counter-tops out of paper. It is actually a blend of recycled paper and non-petroleum jelly. The material is said to be a lot warmer to the touch compared to other options.

7. Sustainable Fans

The Haiku fans, from Big Ass Fans, have fan blades that are made out of sustainable materials like bamboo. These are handmade and aerodynamic to ensure the best airflow. In fact, they have a 'whoosh mode' that fabricates natural air flow. Of course, it is energy efficient and can be controlled through smart technology.

8. Eco-Friendly Sealer

Insulation matters in a home because it helps keep air conditioned air inside the house and keep heat or cold temperatures out. Improperly sealed homes can make an AC work harder than it needs to, which can be costly. This eco-friendly sealer helps homeowners seal up any cracks or holes a home may have, and the materials in the sealer are recycled.

9. Lumbar and Pavement

Black Locust Lumber and Paving use a green-friendly design to improve the way things are built. This is done by using rot-resistant wood pavers to help filter rainwater. The rainwater is meant to pass through paver joints and bio filters, in an effort to restore groundwater.

10. Curved Floors

Bolefloor is producing curved floors that are cut naturally. These are one-of-a-kind, making them works of art every time. The way the tree is cut produces these curves but also helps get more boards out of each tree. These are produced in limited quantities to ensure sustainability.

Clearly, the bar for sustainability is being set high, which is a good thing for future generations.