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PLC Closets is honored to offer the best solution to designing, constructing and finishing your personal space as part of our Custom Closet storage services. There are no dimensions or specifications that we haven't dealt with already. So you will find your time with us to be both informative and pleasant.

Closet Design

Closet features come in all shapes and sizes. Our modern access to the world's resources allows us a broad choice of textures, colors and patterns. There are no limits to the designs and layouts of your personal closet space, and we are determined to meet all of the design features that you have in mind. From large spaces, to medium and small, the inspiration will always come from you.  We will then help you to get the most value and space from that inspiration.


During our closet design consultation we will listen to your needs and ask questions which will give us the details that you are looking for.  This collaboration extends our expertise right into your hands and will allow you to look for storage solutions as well. No stone will be left unturned, and no option will be taken lightly.  It is our honor to honor your expectations and to know where your vision is set.


The advantage of a professional custom closet can be found on a long list of personal and practical life enhancements. The joy of simply walking into a storage solution for your personal belongings is a relief within itself. Personal possessions will no longer have to be tossed on the floor or scrunched in the tiny compartment of an unsatisfying dresser stand.  Even the man of the house will appreciate the sense of clarity a professionally constructed custom closet will bring to home.

It is our years of continually advancing storage design ideas that will give you the design and functional options that are usually challenging to find. This craft is a passion and art form that brings inspiration and eagerness to our staff. We bring this expertise and zeal to our ongoing communication and throughout our outstanding consultation.


You may be on the fence or apprehensive about how to move forward with the expansive design ideas you have. This is why it's important that you schedule some time to discuss the particulars with us. We've seen it all. We can provide rapid solutions and have a staff already awaiting your outreach. You'll find your personal consultant to be welcoming and encouraging.  Redesigning any room in your home is no small feat, so why not have the right understanding of what will be required?


When you consider closet storage solutions, you're looking at an array of options, so your final home amenity is not limited in any manner. We are part of the National Association of Home Builders and respect the work we do for the improved quality of life in the space you rest your hearts. We know this is why you call it home.

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