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Many seniors want to downsize to a smaller home after their children are grown. Living in a smaller home can make your life easier, and it is often less expensive. However, a smaller home may not have a kitchen pantry or a large closet system to store essentials. Here are some tips from professional organizers for those who are downsizing. 

1.  Get Rid Of Excess Clutter Before Moving :  Don’t wait until moving day to begin getting rid of clutter. You may want to give furniture to your adult children, or you can have a yard sale to make money from your unneeded items. It is also possible to donate things to your favorite charitable organizations. When you are getting rid of excess clutter, consider how much space you will have for smaller items such as dishware and collectibles in addition to larger things such as appliances. 

2.  Hire a Professional Organizer:  If you can’t lift items while preparing to downsize, then hire a professional organizer who specializes in helping senior citizens. Not only can a professional organizer help you sort through your possessions, but also, she can help you make a decision about what to keep and what to get rid of. 

3.  Keep What You Love:  Before moving anything to a new home, consider whether you really love the item. To have a home that you will enjoy, you should only have the things that you like. Moving to a new home while you are aging is an opportunity for a new beginning to have your favorite colors of furniture along with attractive artwork and other items. 

4.  Make It Easier To Find Things In a New Home:  When you are moving into a smaller home as a seniors, make it easier to find things by having customized storage cabinets in different areas. You may want storage cabinets in a kitchen to hold cookware and small appliances. In addition, having storage cabinets in a hallway near a bathroom makes it easier to stack towels, washcloths or bed linens.

5.  Have Multipurpose Furniture In Your Smaller Home:  Buy new furniture that is multipurpose to reduce the number of items required for a smaller home. Order a couch that opens into a bed to use in your living room, and have a dining room table that has removable sections to make it bigger or smaller. Choose end tables and nightstands that have drawers so that you can store items such as holiday decorations, games and blankets. 

6.  Unpack Your Possessions Right Away:  After moving into a smaller home, begin to unpack your possessions right away rather than leaving things in a plastic tote or cardboard box. Decide where to store items immediately so that you won’t buy a duplicate by accident. Have a tidy home by placing as many things as possible in closets or cabinets instead of on countertops or open shelves.

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