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We build dream closets into spaces large and small and can help you make your perfect walk-in closet a reality. Our professional design experts are experienced in giving you closet design tips to get the features you want even in a small space. Check out our top 10 list of custom closet design tips to help you plan your perfect closet.

  • Consider Cedar:  Besides repelling insects, a cedar closet looks good for both men and women and smells terrific. Cedar wood is handsome and can be incorporated into traditional spaces so that it serves its purpose while not being the whole of the closet.
  • Drawers in the Closet Give You More Bedroom Space:  Standard drawers for delicate garments, deep drawers for sweaters so that they won’t get pulled out of shape on hangers or customized locking drawers for jewelry or important papers.
  • His and Hers Solves Space Problems: When you have only a small space and two people needing space for suits, dresses, shoes, ties and purses, it can be hard to reach a compromise unless you have a custom closet systems to accommodate both your needs. We have design tips that will help you divide small closets so that you each have your own space and specialized storage for your wardrobe needs.
  • Seating Makes Dressing Easier: Dressing areas where you can sit are especially important in small bedrooms. A built-in bench between cabinets can give you just the right space to sit and put on your shoes.
  • Mirrors and Lighting Help You Look Your Best: A popular fixture in walk-in closets is a lighted mirror above a vanity. This frees up the bathroom for the rest of the family while you get ready for work.
  • Accessories Keep You Organized: Belt and tie racks, shoe shelving, pull out hampers and even built-in ironing boards are just some of the custom accessories you can choose with one of our custom closet systems.
  • Double Hanging Rods Make Your Wardrobe Neat: With our California Closet systems, we can double your space with simple tricks like double hanging rods. Keep your suit jackets and blazers on the top rod and your slacks and skirts on the bottom. Having two rods helps you keep your outfits together and your clothes organized.
  • Coordinated Coordinated Step stools Make Everything Reachable: You don’t have to stretch to reach items on top shelves when you have a step stool that matches your closet and fits neatly away beneath a bench or in a cabinet when not in use.
  • Child-Inaccessible Storage Makes Your Space Safer:  Our systems use all your space right up to the ceiling. Many parents choose the option of locking cabinets out of the reach of children.
  • Work With a Professional Closet System Designer: With closet design tips from professionals, you’ll be certain that your dream closet is arranged correctly so that drawers and doors don’t bump up against each other and everything works for your convenience.

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  • generic avatar

    Justin Knox: 22 Aug 2016 10:59:08

    My wife and I have been wanting a custom closet for a while, so I am grateful for any tips. I had not thought about adding something to sit on. What kind of seating do you think would be best for a custom closet?

  • generic avatar

    Colm Walker: 19 Nov 2016 08:51:33

    Justin, the seating really depends upon the space. We usually don’t suggest wall space, because that is where the best hanging and storage options exist. It does depend on the closet but one option if your closet is big enough is to have an island with seating built into the island. In the end it all depends on the situation thouth

  • generic avatar

    Kenneth Gladman: 23 May 2017 15:23:24

    I never thought of putting seating options in your closet to ease things up. I think a small bench for two is really all you need in your master closet. You can then focus on storage for the rest.

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